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Sorry, you can no longer sign in to Plinqs :(

Sorry, you can no longer sign in to Plinqs :(


Sorry, you can no longer sign in to Plinqs :(

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How does it work?

Plinqs lets you easily create a web page for yourself, for your friends, for your business. No complicated code, no boring templates.

Once you've thought of what your web page is going to be, all you need to do is design it. You can do this in lots of ways - take a photo, use a graphics editing or word processing package, or even just scan in a hand-drawn page.

When you're happy with what your page looks like, you can upload your creation to Plinqs, add some links and you have a web page! When you're finished, your page will have a web address like which you can share with your friends and show the world!

What will you do with it? Need some inspiration? Click on the featured pages in the promo above to see what other people have done...

What kind of files can I use?

Currently you can upload jpgs, gifs and png files. The maximum file size is 2MB.

If you're working on a specific design ALL images are resized on upload so that they're under 995px wide. If your image is smaller than this, or EXACTLY 995px wide it will be displayed exactly as you created it after uploading - this is great if you want to use animated gifs for example!

If you have NO idea what any of the above meant, don't worry, we'll let you know as you go along if anything is wrong.

The story behind Plinqs

Plinqs is simple. You can use it to make your own web pages.

Plinqs began a while ago when Rob Hallifax was struck by the fact that, despite the evolution of the world wide web over the years, it's still really complicated for most people to put content online in the form of a web page. Sure, we can all upload pictures to social networking sites and let people know what we're up to with a few lines of text, but how often do we create something truly original? For Rob, the expansion of the web has just led to more and more boring, homogenized content.

This is where Plinqs comes in.

Plinqs is not a tool for creating a fully integrated website with customer portals, content management systems and eCommerce platforms. Plinqs is about getting back to basics and creating web pages. No rules*, no templates, just you and your ideas. We think Plinqs is the easiest, most open and creative way for you to make your own web page.

* Well, obviously there are some rules (see our small print) but we won't tell you what your web page should look like or what should be on it.

Team Plinqs

Rob HallifaxRob Hallifax Co-Founder & Chief Plinqer

Basically, Rob didn't have Plinqs in his life so he got together with David to make it. Rob is now Plinqs's number one fan and wants to share the love with the world. Rob is an engineer who used to be a photographer.

David KidgerDavid Kidger Co-Founder & Chief PlinqBot Rangler

David loves the web but loves the idea of people being creative even more. After Rob revealed the idea of Plinqs David shifted blocks of code around and wired them together to produce PlinqBot, the wonderful creature that makes Plinqs possible. David is a web designer, developer and producer.

The small print...

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